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Starting A Levels

By Wilow Rolls

Congratulations on your GCSE results! If they are not what you expected or wanted, A levels are a fresh start.

The next exciting step in your academic journey is starting A levels. Whether you are moving to a sixth form college or staying on at your school’s sixth form, it is a great new experience. I went to a sixth form college, and I loved the independence and ability to explore subjects with those who really enjoy and are interested in the subject.

A levels are more challenging in some ways than GCSEs as they do make you think more about the subject, but at the same time there are fewer subjects. You are only doing subjects that you want to do and can develop more skills and explore different topics. You are often encouraged to be curious and explore other areas. Some A levels subjects defiantly come with a steep learning curve where the content is vastly different from GCSE, while other A levels more gradually increase in difficultly/complexity. For me I found A level biology a significant jump and required a lot more work to understand in the beginning, whilst chemistry seemed to build upon the knowledge from GCSEs.

You may also be beginning to think about what subject you might want to study at university. As you begin to study the subjects, it is particularly useful to identify what parts and why you enjoy them as this can help you find something you are interested in and wish to study further. Check out other posts of TOG to see what studying different subjects at university is like.

But most importantly, enjoy starting A levels. Good luck with this new start.


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