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The Wait is Over...

By @lizzie.bateman

After months of researching, preparing, applying, successfully getting an interview (and surviving the process), the time of year where Oxbridge application results are released. You will no doubt have been excited, anxious, or anywhere in between and that’s ok! I felt sure that I wouldn’t be getting a place at Oxford after my interviews and was at peace with a rejection coming my way, but to my surprise, the tutors must have seen something in me that I hadn’t picked up on myself.

Despite the excitement of it all, it's worth mentioning the anti-climax you’ll probably experience. With such a long lead up & so much anticipation, whether it's good or bad news, an expected result or otherwise; finally reaching the end can feel a bit glum. I remember sitting on my own in the library during a free period when I received my outcome and had no one to instantly tell; many of the people at my state school didn’t know the achievement that this was, many people won’t but don’t let that dampen your spirit as a successful application is a huge achievement!

If the result wasn't as positive, just bear in mind that to get as far as you have applying for such a competitive university is something to be so proud of, and wherever the road takes you next, you’ll have the time of your life.

I received an open offer to read my subject meaning I was guaranteed a place for my subject but no guarantee of which college I would end up at. This leap of faith did make me falter for a second, thinking I wasn’t ‘good enough’ for a place straight at my college; however, the reality of pooling and open offers means that those who tutors feel deserve a place can get one, despite there not being enough places at that college. It is also well-known that colleges are more similar than they are different, so if you don’t get a place at the college, you first applied for, you’ll be sure to feel right at home at the college you get to join.

Remember you’ve achieved so much already!


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