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By Tilly Rose

To those of you who had Oxford interviews last term, you've no doubt had butterflies in your tummy throughout the festive period as you wait for the dreaded Oxford interview result. It's easy for everyone to say 'forget about it', 'relax over the holidays', 'you've done all you can do' but the thing about the Oxford application process it requires so much effort, it requires so much hard work, motivation and it takes up a serious amount of time. So, whether or not you intended to initially, you become invested in it and that's tough. The truth is, without becoming invested in it, without putting your all in, the likelihood of being successful is slim, so this is a necessary part of the process but one which makes it all the more heart-breaking if you don't then get in. It can all suddenly feel like a waste and you can end up thinking you'd rather not have opened your heart up to falling in love with the idea of studying in the Dreaming Spires.

So here are some top tips on coping with tomorrow, whatever the outcome may be:

* Tonight, write down PLAN B - what will you do if you don't get in? Where will you go? Will you take a year out? Will you accept a different offer? Will you reapply?

* Discuss your PLAN B with your family or friends, just talking about it and having a back up option in place can really help to relieve the stress!

* Write a list of all the things you have learnt during the process - there are skills and qualities you will have developed which mean you will be flying wherever you end up - self-motivation, independent learning, writing skills, meeting deadlines, thinking under pressure - the Oxford system sets you up so well for future interviews, job applications and assessment days - think of this as a crash course!

* Reapplying is an option - here at TOG we have lots of ambassadors who were offered places second time around. Taking a year out, to develop your understanding of your subject, immerse yourself in the reading and get used to expressing your opinions can be exactly what you need to get in the following year.

* Post-grad - I wish I'd thought about this when applying. I had no concept really that if I didn't get in for undergrad, I could work really hard elsewhere and apply to Oxford Uni for a masters. Postgrad students get the same amazing experience of living in college, attending formal halls, using the magnificent libraries and attending swanky balls, as undergrads. If this is your dream, it doesn't have to be over if you don't get in tomorrow!

* WELL DONE - whatever happens tomorrow you have applied to one of the top universities in the world, this takes confidence, ambition, self-belief - you were offered an interview out of all those applicants and should be so proud. The interviews themselves are all about assessing whether the Oxford teaching system is suited to you, not a mark of how clever you are. You are a superstar!


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