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Waiting for Your Oxford Offer

By Isa Morel

I remember this wait so vividly. Oxford had been my dream for years. I felt as though some of my interviews had been bang average, I certainly hadn't said anything very clever or insightful. Other interviews had gone better, I felt like I'd really been challenged and with each question, I'd stepped up. The tutors had made me think of things in new ways. I was often surprised by my answers. This seemed like a good sign. But was it enough?

I had no idea. I played my interviews out in my mind again and again. I thought of all the extra things I could have said. I knew I was going to be crushed if I received a rejection letter. Also, everyone at school knew I had applied. This felt like an added pressure. People asked about my interviews. There always seems to be a fascination with Oxford and they were now fascinated by my journey.

The day finally came. I was freaking out. I went out the night before, just to have a distraction and calm my nerves.

I opened my UCAS track and I had GOT IN!! I literally jumped up in the air and screamed. Then I ran around my house, hugging each member of my family. My mum cried. They knew how much this meant to me. I'd read loads of @thatoxfordgirl posts before and I knew that getting in was about to change my whole path in life. I would get an experience that was so unique and special. I felt so unbelievably lucky. Now I just had to get those grades...!

Tips for anyone waiting on their decision

* Keep busy beforehand, stressing won't change the decision!

* If you get in CELEBRATE, this is your moment! YOU did this.

* If sadly you don't get the result you are hoping for, then remember reapplying is an option. We have TOG blog posts on this proving that students do get in second time around.

* Remember, every uni offers an amazing and unique experience where you'll move away from home, meet new people, join great clubs and societies, go on nights out. Oxford is certainly not the only one!

* BE PROUD - to get to interview is an incredible achievement!

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