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YOU should be so proud

By Tilly Rose

I know today is a HUGE day for so many of you with Oxford offers and I know some of you will be celebrating and others will be feeling really rubbish right now. I wish I could wave a magic wand and give you all the result you were hoping for but what I do want to do, is remind you all to have this conversation with yourself:

"You applied to Oxford Uni?"


"You applied to Oxford Uni during a global pandemic?"

"Yes, yes I did."

"You applied to Oxford Un during the years in which you barely went to school?"

"Yes, I guess I did."

"Hold on one minute, the TOP UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD gave YOU an interview?"

"Yes, they did."

"Well, you must be: determined, motivated, hard working, curious, super intelligent, ambitious, relentless."

And whether you are offered a place or not guys, you are STILL all of those things and because of that I know wherever you end up you are going to be FLYING!

So please, please, please have this conversation with yourself today. I am SO PROUD of each and every one of you! To be offered an interview is brilliant regardless and during the shocker of the last few years it's an even more amazing achievement.

More posts coming this week on options regarding reapplying etc!

Tilly x


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