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Oxford University: Geek or Chic?

Before I started Oxford I was sure that everyone was going to be weird; I wasn’t going to have any friends, nights out would be a rarity and none of the other girls were going to be interested in pop culture. My friends at home assured me that if, after my first term at Oxford, I had swapped leather for tweed, OK! magazine for Shakespeare and nights out for nights in, they would be sure to take me in hand and remind me of my old ways.

How wrong I was. There is no such thing as an 'Oxford person'. Yes everyone is motivated, yes everyone is clever, yes everyone works hard but they're not all the same.

What makes Oxford special is its collegiate system which means you are in close daily contact with your entire year group, allowing you to meet and bond with a diverse range of people, within a close-knit community. On top of that you then have the whole university at your feet.

So whatever you do don't be put off applying to Oxford because you're scared you won't make any friends. You will find your people!

Top Tips

  • From day one get involved in everything your college has to offer.

  • Eating in hall each night is a brilliant way to meet other members of your college.

  • Attend college events and join the various extra-curricular activities on offer.

  • Spend time in the JCR (the college common room) where students chill out in their spare time.

  • Pop into the University Freshers Fair and sign up for any clubs and societies that catch your eye. These are a great way to make out-of-college friends.

  • Most importantly, be yourself!

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