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I literally couldn't believe it! I ran around my lounge jumping with joy!

On the condition that I got three As in my A levels, I was going to be reading English at Jesus College Oxford!

The process of applying to Oxford had no doubt broadened my horizons and introduced me to so many new texts and ideas. To think only a year ago I'd never read any of Virginia Woolf, who I talked passionately about in my interview. Rossetti had meant little more than the lady who wrote the Christmas carol 'In the Bleak Midwinter' but now was one of my favourite poets. I'd turned it all around and put my Sophie Kinsella days behind me (or maybe just on hold for a little bit!)

The hard work had all paid off. This time next year I would be living in Hogwarts!

I kept having to pinch myself. Half of me thought they must have made a mistake, why had they picked me?

I didn't let that get to me until nearer the time when it started to feel real, right now I was in a dream world imagining myself reading poetry on punts and attending lavish balls and black tie dinners!

Top Tips

  • Oxford tend to send out conditional offers so although it's so exciting being offered a place, make sure you work hard for your final exams to ensure you reach the offer!

  • You may not get into the college you applied to but everyone I know loves whichever one they ended up in.

  • If you didn't get an offer from Oxford this time around and it's your big dream, remember you can reapply!

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