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Multiple Interviews

So, Oxford initially told you that you were going to have two interviews but suddenly another pops up on the notice board and then another…what does this mean?!

Well stress for a start!

But once you get over the initial fear of facing the tutors again give yourself a little pat on the back, as it’s often assumed that you must have done something right along the way if the tutors want to take another look at you.

This doesn’t mean that you’ve got your place but could mean that they felt you had something. It could also be that they just want to check that colleges are marking applicants in a similar way, a sort of moderation.

‘But I only had the initial two,’ I hear you say.

Well this could also be a good sign…you could have wowed them so much in those first interviews that they don’t need to see you again.

There is basically little rhyme or reason. Lots of my friends who got in only had two interviews, whereas others had up to seven. Equally I know applicants who had the initial two or more than two and then didn’t manage to obtain a place.

So, we can analyse away but really until the dreaded letter arrives it’s a guessing game as to how your interviews have gone…

Top Tips

  • If another interview pops up on the board, try not to stress too much; tell yourself that your first interviews can’t have been a car-crash if the tutors want to take another look at you.

  • If you get sent home after your initial two interviews, whilst others stay on, try not to feel despondent; you may well have just shown the tutors enough in those interviews that they have got the measure of you and made a decision. You might have wowed them!

  • Try to limit the analysis – I remember picking each interview apart, desperately trying to work out whether I had done enough but let’s face it, none of us really know what’s going through the tutors’ mind. Just do your best, you can do no more!

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