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Waiting Game

'Well they can't have thought you were awful,' my head of year said when I returned to school. 'You had four interviews, they must have seen something they liked.'

I so hoped that she was right but knew that the four interviews by no means meant I had got a place.

Waiting for the letter was horrible!

I couldn't stop thinking about whether or not I had done enough. It was so hard to focus in those last few weeks of term.

When you get back from interviews everyone asks you how they went and then they tell you that they're sure you'll make it; you have great grades after-all but they forget that everyone has fantastic grades, everyone who gets an interview is clever.

The waiting, for me, was made even worse by,of all things, snow!

The week the letters were being sent out, was also the week that my entire village became a whiteout. Whilst normally I would have loved this winter wonderland scene, it meant that no post was delivered for days.

I decided to email Magdalen to explain the situation. In response I was informed:

Unfortunately, you have not been offered a place at Magdalen but you are under consideration at another college...

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