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College Rowing

Oxford has so many sporting societies and students can play either for their college or the university. College sport tends to be taken less seriously and requires less training than university sport.

Today we have an interview with. Alice, a college rower:

Hi Alice, how did you get involved in college rowing?

I got involved in college rowing right at the start of uni. I thought it would be a great way to do some exercise and meet new people. Your college rowing team will definitely be around at freshers' fair so have a chat with them and see if it is for you!

What do you most enjoy about rowing?

I most enjoyed having a reason to do exercise. It was nice to have something to work towards and to feel part of a team.

How many times do you have to train in a week?

Training completely varies depending on the boat you are in and the time of year (if it is close to a race!) But it ranged from around 4 to 6 sessions a week which were a mixture of fitness and water outings!

What are the main rowing races at Oxford?

There are two main Oxford races known as 'bumps'. Torpids is in the second term and Summer eights is in the Summer term but colleges also sometimes compete in external races throughout the year!

Top Tips

  • If college rowing takes your fancy, sign up at Freshers' Fair.

  • College rowing is one of the more time-consuming college sports so make sure you can fit it around your work-load.

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