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The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

The annual Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race is taking place this Sunday 2nd April and competition is fiercer than ever!

Today I have a special feature with the Oxford Blues Men's Boat:

How is the Boat Race Team selected?

It's a gruelling six month process. We have lots of internal testing, some on the rowing machines and others on the water. The coaches are looking at physiology, technique, mentality, a lot of factors.

How often do you all train in the run up to the race?

For most of the season we train twice a day. Once early in the morning and then in the afternoon. We also go away on training camp over New Years.

What time are the races this year?

The Women's race is at 16:35, the Isis/Goldie race (the second VIIIs) is at 17:05 and the men's Blue Boat race is at 17:33.

What route will it take?

The championship course, which is pretty much the same course the Boat race has been raced on since 1829, from Putney to Chiswick, 6.8km.

How are you going to're obviously going to win?!

We have a big dinner at a club which loads of old Blues, some members in their 90s attend.

Any fun facts about the team?

We have two Olympians, one guy is an Olympic bronze medallist, one is a World Champion, one is an Abercrombie model, one has already published scientific papers, and one used to row for Cambridge.

Good luck to both the men's and women's boat for Sunday... go shoe the Tabs!

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