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Pidge Post

Oxford has weird words for everything which can be a little confusing when you start but soon it becomes the norm. By the time you return home after your first term and tell your family you got a great letter in your 'pidge' you expect them to know exactly what you mean...

So, what is pidge post?'

Well basically your pidge is your own personal letter box, usually situated in the Porter's Lodge labelled with your name.

Every time you walk into college, you will no doubt glance over to see if anything exciting has been delivered.

Sometimes there will be a slip, saying a parcel is waiting for you with the Porters but most of the time it gets filled with University related flyers and exam results...yes the tutors often post your mock exams back to you via pidge post!

Top Tips

  • Check your pidge regularly as there may be important letters about all types of University related events inside.

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