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Oxford Myths

There are so many myths surrounding Oxford that at times it can be difficult to work out what's true, so let me try to dispel some of the common misconceptions about the Uni:

1.'Everyone will be cleverer than me'

There's no doubt about it, you've got to be clever to get in but if you have the grades. you have just as much chance as anyone else of passing the interview stage, so don't be put off. If you manage to obtain your place, starting Oxford can be scary but everyone is in the same position, most people I knew felt like frauds in those first few weeks!

2. 'I had a blip...'

Whilst Oxford do look for consistency, if you have one little blip on an otherwise brilliant record, don't be put off applying, particularly if there was a reason for it.

3. 'They're going to try to trick me...'

Honestly, they're really not! At interview the Oxford tutors want to get to know you to see whether you have the knowledge/potential and whether they feel they can work with you for the next 3-4 years. Stories of tutors repeatedly coughing, throwing bananas on the desk and asking you to describe them or feigning an emergency in the middle of the interview to see how you react, have never happened to anyone I know!

4. 'All work and no play'

The list of clubs and societies are endless. Why would they exist if nobody had time to attend them? Yes the workload is intense but Oxford have chosen you on the basis that you'll be able to manage your time effectively. Most Oxford students manage to fit in extra-curricular alongside their studies.

Top Tips

  • Don't let the myths put you off applying, most of them aren't true!

  • If you have any questions about other myths you've heard, feel free to ask me.

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