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A Day in the Life of an Economics Student

A day in the life of Freddie, an Economics and Management student at Oxford:

1.First thing is first... I make my way to breakfast to enjoy a well earned fry-up with the rest of my friends in college.

2.After tearing ourselves away from unlimited tea and coffee (they eventually got rid of that... who knows why!), we all head to our pidges to check if we have any post. This could be something I'd forgotten to bring from home but E&M students often also find flyers advertising internship opportunities.

3.Next stop: the library. On days when I'm studying economics, I go to the college library but, for management, the Said Business School (SBS) has a great setup. The SBS is not your typical old Oxford library but a modern building with large, bright open spaces and different areas for quiet study and group discussions. It also has a lovely garden and a cafe so you really were set up for everything you need!

4.In first year, E&M had around 7 hours of lectures spread across a typical week. While you didn't have to attend, they were always relevant to our essays (for management) or problem sheets (for economics). Personally, I went to all of the economics lectures but I wasn't so good when it came to the management ones.

5.Economics lectures usually finished just in time for lunch, which is a perfect excuse to meet up with everyone in hall again and have a catch up! My college, Jesus, has a table tennis table so lunch breaks often last a lot longer than they should!

6.In the afternoon, I usually go back to the library to carry on plugging away at the week's work. Although not always the case, management essays typically require students to read lots of academic articles whereas economics focuses more on a textbook.

7.After a few hours though, my mind usually wanders to more important things than work.. sport! I play cricket and hockey and often there are training sessions in the afternoon between 4-6. It's always great to have a run around and meet up with friends from outside of college too.

8.After sport, a good meal is usually in order so what better than to head back to college for another meal in hall with everyone! This is always a great chance to unwind or get excited for a fun evening ahead!

9.The night's entertainment for me usually consists of heading to a club with my college friends or sport's team!

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