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A Level Results Day

A huge congratulations to those of you who have achieved the grades to get into Oxford today!

I remember going into school, with butterflies in my tummy and then huge sense of relief and excitement when I saw I'd got in!

If, unfortunately, you've found out that you've missed the grades today, it will no doubt feel really upsetting. I do though know people who ended up going to other unis through clearing and they absolutely loved where they ended up.

I also know people who re-applied, after re-sitting the A Levels they'd missed out on and were offered a place the second time around. So, if Oxford is your dream, this is definitely an option!

Top Tips

* You can always reapply.

* If you had extenuating circumstances during the time of your exams which have affected your results,I do know instances where colleges have sometimes made allowances.

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