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College Parents

Before starting Oxford, students are termed ‘children’. Now this may sound pretty weird given that they’re over 18 when they start but you have to remember that within the walls of Oxford Uni there is a whole little world with different rules, traditions and terminology; within this world Freshers are called ‘children’, for they are yet to experience all that Oxford has to offer.

But children need parents I hear you say…well yes of course, so naturally Oxford provides those too. Leaving home for the first time is daunting and the University want to make the transition as smooth as possible. This is where college families come in.

Though you may be perfectly happy with the family you already have, being part of a second one, in your second home, can only be a bonus. In the summer prior to starting, Freshers are sent a letter from their college parents. They will be current students entering their second or third year and will be able to give their ‘children’ an insight into what to expect during their first term.

But how do the parents get together? Students pair up and choose to get ‘college married’ in Freshers’ Week. There is absolutely no pressure to do this, it’s just a bit of fun! They agree to adopt college children the following year and continue the family tradition.

Top Tips

* College families are great as you have two people in the year above to help answer any questions who have gone through exactly what you're going through.

* There is often a 'Parenting Dinner' in Freshers' Week where the parents put on a feast for their children.

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