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The Ashmolean Museum

Perhaps you’re visiting Oxford with friends or family to get a feel for the city before you apply, or maybe your family are dropping you off for Freshers and you want something to do with them before you say goodbye. Whatever you’re here for, cost doesn’t have to be an issue, as there are loads of things to do for free in the city, from looking around its many, varied museums to walking through Christ Church Meadow!

First up…

The Ashmolean Museum

A personal favourite. The museum has a huge variety of things and I find something different each time I go, but it isn’t so big that you feel like you’re missing everything. It’s got all sorts of artefacts and art, including sculpture, paintings, textiles, pottery and even – in the Egyptian gallery at least – parts of buildings! The range in its collection is huge, spanning across the world and across time, from Ancient Egypt and Nubia to Classical Greece and Rome, the Byzantine world, India and even the modern day, so there’s definitely something to interest everyone.

It can also be really great to visit to prepare for interviews, to physically see some of the things you may have studied, or to find something to discuss in your personal statement, or, as a way to de-stress (but still feel like you’re working!) during interviews.

Opening times: 10am – 5pm Tuesdays – Sundays & Bank Holiday Mondays

The Ashmolean also hosts Sixth Form study days for £10, which can be really useful, Usually in Sixth Form you’re allowed a couple of days off school for masterclasses or educational trips – you just have to make sure you catch up on your work afterwards!

There’s a Classical Civilisations one on Tuesday 3rd October, one on Jane Austen’s World on Friday 6th October, a History of Art study day on Tuesday 7th November, and a day on Chaucer’s World on Wednesday 14th March.

For more info, see here:

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