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The Jericho Kitchen

A few weeks ago I met with the lovely Emma, proud owner of the Jericho Kitchen. A perfect hostess is surely the answer to a successful kitchen and Emma's warm, charismatic personality shines through in her cookery classes.

So let me give you the low-down on exactly what The Jericho Kitchen offers:


The Jericho Kitchen hosts cookery classes covering a range of cuisines, from Vietnamese, to

Lebanese, Japanese, Tapas, French, Italian and British the list is endless, with specialist teachers who share their expertise.

Guests spend 2 and a half hours learning to cook up a storm and then comes the best bit...eating it!

All dietary requirements will be catered for upon booking and because the groups are only small, classes can be adapted to cater to personal interests.

Emma has also held a number of pop up events across Oxford and keep your eyes peeled because you might just find her cooking up a feast in your college in the near future!


The Jericho Kitchen is located ten minutes out of the city, surrounded by stunning acres of land where Emma grows the majority of her ingredients. If it's not grown in her own garden, the food is sourced locally, so you can be sure you're cooking with the highest quality of Oxford ingredients.

Main venue: 102 Thame Road, Warborough, OX10 7DG

Sushi and Olive Oil Tasting: Barefoot Cafe, 74a Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6EA


The classes are informal and most of all great fun! With Emma and her fabulous team hosting, you can be sure you'll be treated to the best service, great conversation and of course, delicious food.


Now whilst beans on toast might seem like an easy option, cooking doesn't have to be a chore. If you're a student, or parent of a student who could do with a boost in the culinary department or if you're just nutty about cooking, the Jericho Kitchen is well worth checking out.

And what better way treat than gift voucher for a cookery class at the Jericho Kitchen whether it's for a birthday, anniversary or with Christmas just around the corner!


Prices range from £15-£80.


Emma would love to hear from you!

Tel: 07753 316680

Check out this fab film for more info: The Jericho Kitchen Film!

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