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Snow Day!

Remember that feeling when you're at school, desperately hoping for the snow to settle so you get a snow day? Well, trust me, I still get that in Oxford!

Whilst Oxford is beautiful all year around, there's something even more magical about the city when it begins to snow; the white dreaming spires glisten in the sun and a feeling of calm descends over the usually bustling city.

So, what's the best way to enjoy your snow day? Here are my top picks!

❄️Go for a walk - yes it may be cold (wait it is cold, really cold) but honestly, Oxford really does turn into Narnia when it snows and you don't want to miss out!

❄️Cosy up in The Bear - this adorable little pub, tucked away on Alfred Street, is the perfect hideaway from the cold.

❄️Visit the colleges - the colleges are even more breath-taking when covered with a white blanket of snow. I find snow days are particularly lovely times to enjoy the smaller colleges like Lincoln, Exeter and Corpus Chisti; they look truly magical.

❄️Tea o'clock - by now you'll be in need of a warm drink and maybe a bite to eat. With its

twinkling fairy lights and walls covered in bikes, The Handle Bar Cafe is just what you need.

❄️I think we've had enough of the cold now, so let's head into the Covered Market where we can shop, away from the biting wind. With a quirky array of independent shops and cafes, we'll get lost in here for a while.

❄️Dinner anyone? Let's treat ourselves! No.1 Ship Street's glowing candelabras look so enticing from the outside and inside does not disappoint. The copper tables, glowing candlelight and delicious food are the absolute dream on this cold winter's night.

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