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Christ Church Valentine's Formal

This year I attended Christ Church's RAG Valentine's Formal. RAG stands for Raising and Giving, and, like most unis, Oxford has this society, who do a lot of charity fundraising throughout the year. They also team up with college RAG Reps to put on events such as this one: we were charged £6 for this, instead of the usual £2.30ish for Formal Hall, with all the proceeds going to charity! This was a slightly fancier Formal Hall in Christ Church (with gowns still required), with a special Valentine's twist to the menu: part of the main and starter was heart-shaped, and the dessert was a pink heart-shaped meringue with banana cream and passion fruit! We also all had a glass of prosecco in a pink flute in the ante hall before we went into hall, and there were mock rose petals everywhere, as well as some well-known love songs playing in the background. I think it's fair to say that everyone had a good time eating and relaxing with their friends. Meal times are always enjoyed in college as they are such a good time to just relax and chat (and not have to worry about working for an hour / two), and, this being Valentine's Day, there was an extra-lovely atmosphere in Hall!

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