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May Day!

One of those quirky Oxford traditions that has been going for over 500 years, yet is still celebrated as enthusiastically as ever.

The pinnacle of the show is at 6am, whereby the town and gown alike gather at 6am to listen to the choir of Magdalen College sing from the top of the bell tower.

Many people try to stay up the whole night to witness the event, but with a lecture at 9am, I can safely say that such a feat is not advisable!

This year we started by touring a few traditional pubs, including the Bear Inn, and the Chequers. This soon lead to a night in Fever, with many nightclubs closing as late as 6am!

After gathering amongst the crowd on Magdalen Bridge to listen to the choir, we then returned to college, stopping along the way to watch the parade of Morris dancers and bands performing across the city.

Tired and in need of food, we were grateful for the special May Morning breakfast put on by Wadham College, whereby a full English breakfast was served up alongside flutes of champagne.

- a spectacular morning that must be experienced at least once during your degree, whether you’re an early riser, or have soldiered on through the night!

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