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Oxford Open Days 2018

Not long now until #OxOpenDay . If you can get yourself to Oxford, the open days are well worth a visit!

On 27th & 28th June and 14th September the city will be buzzing with prospective applicants, racing from colleges, to departments and talks. There is so much to see and do, you won't get around everything but the open days are a brilliant opportunity to get a feel for the city and the University and a taste of student life.

Here are some questions I often get asked by 'That Oxford Girl' followers:

1. How should I pick which colleges to look around?

My advice would be to have a look in the Oxford Uni prospectus beforehand and ask yourself a few questions:

* Do I want to be in the centre or the outskirts?

* Do I want to be in an old or modern college?

* Would I prefer a large or small college?

Hopefully these questions will help to narrow your search, so you can target a few on your day. After that, go with your gut instinct, this should be the fun part of the application process!

If you have any access needs, it's also worth contacting individual colleges beforehand.

2. Do I need to book for the open days?

Most of the open day events don't require booking but some department and college talks do, so if there is a session you are particularly interested in which requires booking, try to do so in advance.

3. Do applicants come alone or with family/friends?

This is totally up to you! I attended with my mum but others were there on their own or with friends.

4. What do I do if I can't make it to the open days?

If you can't make it, this really isn't a problem! You certainly don't have to attend the open days to apply and, if there is a time that you might be able to get to Oxford, the colleges welcome prospective applicants all year around - just call up to enquire!

If you have any questions before the open days, feel free to get in touch!

Top Tips

* Plan what you'd like to see beforehand.

* Book into any sessions which require booking that you'd like to attend.

* Bring a pen and paper

* Ask questions - there will be loads of current students there, all happy to help you out!

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