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Experimental Psychology Interviews

I had 2 interviews, my first one involved me reading a 4-5 page article before going in, I got about 30 minutes to read through it and develop thoughts. As soon as I walked into my first interview I felt comfortable as the tutors were very friendly. They started off asking me questions such as 'Why Psychology?' this put me at ease to start with. Then I was asked questions about a study and then questions to do with the book I mentioned in my personal statement. After this I was asked what I understood about the article and they talked me through it, asking me to explain my thoughts. The last questions were based more on statistics which involved some basic calculations.

My second interview was at a different college, and the questions asked were slightly different, some were on statistics and problem solving, others to do with a study and graphs. And then more general questions. I found the second interview went much better but that most likely was because I wasn't as nervous, because I knew the tutors would always be friendly and not ask me random questions, but ones that were appropriate to the study or the concept currently being discussed.

I really enjoyed the interviews, I loved meeting the tutors, students and other interviewees. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Also I had the opportunity to speak to a Psychology student which gave me more of an idea of what it's like studying at Oxford. In addition I loved staying in an Oxford college which gave me an insight into what it would actually be like being a student at Oxford.

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