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Law Top Tips

I think there is a greater sense of mystery surrounding Law interviews at Oxford as a lot of applicants don’t study it at A-Level. So, here are my final top tips/things I wish I had known before interview:

  1. I wasn’t asked about my personal statement or any books I said I had read but I know of other law interviewees who were so make sure you know them inside out to avoid being caught out in any way.

  2. Keep up to date with the news and especially anything to do with law so you’re less likely to be surprised by anything they ask

  3. From my experience it really wasn’t like an interview and was so much more casual than that so try to relax and enjoy talking to people who are experts in the subject you love, you may never get this chance again

  4. Try to channel your nerves into excitement so you come across as enthusiastic rather than terrified

  5. Think. Out. Loud. For some questions there may not be a right or wrong answer but the interviewers simply want to see how you think and how you tackle problems. I found drawing analogies and using these to explain my ideas really helped to show my thinking but also helped me to get my ideas straight (we ended up talking for a very long time about kettles because of this…)

  6. Don’t be afraid to change your mind, if you suddenly realise you’re wrong don’t continue a poor line of argument. Recognise that you’re wrong, explain why and then move on from that

  7. My final piece of advice, which was actually given to me by a family friend who studied Medicine at Oxford, is that these interviewers and their peers are going to be teaching you for the next three years in very small groups and potentially even one on one. They want to like you as a person and feel they can engage with you so they can enjoy teaching you as much as you enjoy learning. Be yourself and be open and friendly because it will make you wholly more likeable.

Honestly, just relish the experience. It’s such an incredible and an amazing achievement so be proud you’ve even made it that far in the process!

Good luck!

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