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Seren Summer School 2018

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking to over 75 Welsh students, who are part of the Seren Network at the Seren Summer School at Jesus College.

In collaboration with the Welsh Government, Jesus is hosting the largest sustained access event for Welsh students ever attempted in Oxford’s history!

Yesterday, the access officer, Matthew, raised the flag to welcome the students and by the time I saw them in the evening, they were coming to the end of an action-packed day.

​The students in attendance are all about to enter year 13 - so uni applications are on the horizon. Here are some of TOG's Top Tips I shared with them which might be useful for you guys too:

* Don't be put off applying because you don't think you're the 'Oxford Type' - I certainly didn't fit the mould, with a long-term illness and hardly going to school - you'll find so many different people at Oxford, with different stories, different backgrounds and different obstacles and you will make friends!

* Go beyond the curriculum - follow your passion and don't just rely on what school has taught you.

* Find your voice - get used to vocalizing your opinions and discussing your subject.

* Remember 'WHY? JUSTIFY!' and apply it to every opinion you put forward - an opinion isn't useful, unless you justify why you've reached that conclusion.

* Immerse yourself in your subject - be it books, podcasts, free lectures, journals, current affairs - live and breathe it!

* BELIEVE - self-belief and a lot of hard work will take you a long way!

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