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Tilly's Top Tips for Freshers!

This weekend is a big one for many of you - leaving home for the first time and setting up life in a new city and not only that but also in one of the TOP UNIVERSITIES IN THE WORLD!

Scary? Yes! Intimidating? Yes! Exciting? Yes!

I remember my emotions were all over the place; one minute I just couldn't wait to get there and the next I was absolutely terrified!

There are over 30 posts on the blog, written by students about 'Starting Oxford' - be sure to click on them under 'categories'; I hope you'll find them useful in the coming weeks!

For now, here are my top tips for Freshers:

* Everyone is in the same boat - if you're feeling nervous, I'll bet you the person sitting next to you is equally terrified. Whatever vibe other students give off, the likelihood is they're feeling the same, so remember, you are not alone!

* Have some questions up your sleeve for everyone and anyone you meet; where are you from? what staircase are you on? Did you have a good summer? What subject are you doing? - instant convo starters are really useful!

* It's ok to have a little cry - most people find that at some point, freshers' gets a bit overwhelming and that is totally normal! I had a meltdown when my parents left and after my first tute but it definitely got better as the term went on and, despite these moments of panic, I absolutely loved my first year.

* You arrive at Oxford and feel like they've made a mistake, you're not clever enough to be here...ring any bells? Well it does to most freshers, so much so that it's been given a name: 'Imposter Syndrome' - it has a name for a reason, it is so common to feel this way but the application process is tough for a reason, so YOU do deserve to be here!

* Your first tute may well seem really scary but trust me, they do get easier over time!

* Arrive at Oxford with an open mind and be ready to meet new people and embrace new opportunities.

* That doesn't mean saying yes to everything, as there just aren't enough hours in the day, be true to yourself and if you think going on the night out, attending a society is going to cause you more stress, then equally feel you can say no.

* Remember that if any part of term gets too much, there are so many support networks in place within both your college and the wider uni - there are people there to help, so make sure you call upon them.

* Enjoy!!! You are about to embark on a truly unique opportunity - you'll be learning from expert tutors, studying in world famous libraries, dining in grand halls, wandering around the dreaming spires every is an experience that will hopefully stay with you for life, so make the most of it!

And feel free to message me if you have any questions!

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