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The Oxford Blue - Review

Through the ambassadorship of ‘ThatOxfordGirl’, myself and two friends were informed about a lovely tucked away pub restaurant called ‘The Oxford Blue’. Our visit was overall a very positive experience, and I can genuinely say that I will be dining there again in the future, due to a combination of factors!


Arguably the most important aspect of a dining experience is food, and at the Oxford Blue we were not left disappointed! With a wide-ranging menu from imaginatively named pizzas and salads, to some of the most popular ‘pub classics’, the options catered to the needs of a large clientele, with some vegetarian and vegan options available too. The food we ordered was delicious, beautifully presented and excellent value for the pricings- all three of the pizzas were enough to defeat our appetites by the end of the meal, and on Mondays the pub offers up 2 pizzas for the price of 1 (not that I’m suggesting you even try to eat both on your own!). All three of us were extremely happy with the quality of the food at the Oxford Blue, and the food and prices alone would be enough for me to recommend the location.


Even upon entering the pub restaurant, we found smiling and exceedingly helpful staff, which is always a great way to start an evening. We were allowed to pick our own table, and were immediately showed where to find all the menus and how to order food and drink- a definite aid to someone like me who never knows where to go when eating out! The manager, bar staff and chefs were all so responsive to customers, incredibly polite and willing to chat about their place of work, which certainly made everyone feel comfortable (in conjunction with the atmosphere of the pub already apparent). Even once the food had been delivered to the table, after we’d been able to watch it being prepared (very cool!), the staff continued to check in on us, and demonstrated such a high level of customer care and friendliness that it really enhanced the whole experience!


From the décor to the lovely staff, the atmosphere of The Oxford Blue was a truly wonderful one. The rustic aesthetic of the pub, with the wood panelling, ambient lighting and mixture of bar stools and wooden chairs, made for a highly relaxed mood in which to enjoy the before mentioned delicious food. I was a particular fan of the ‘organised disorder’ of the bookshelves within the part of the pub we sat in, especially combined with their contents of classic board games, adding a layer of nostalgia to the atmosphere too. There was obvious care put into the decoration of the space, and the results show how much that attention to detail has paid off.

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