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Victors Autumn/Winter Menu

TOG student ambassador Serena, tried out Victors' Autumn/Winter Menu, here is what she thought:

On a Sunday night, after a week very full of classes and career talks, a friend and I settled into the plush seats at Victor’s Restaurant to try out their new autumn/winter menu. I had been to Victor’s once before, for another That Oxford Girl event, so had already experienced the columns of gorgeous wisteria, wall-length mirrors, warm tones and mood-lit lighting, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t just as impressive the second time around.

Our time at Victors didn’t just feel like a meal to me, it felt as if we had stepped out of Oxford and into a different place, the slow music instantly calming in a way that enabled us to forget about the stress of our week.

At Victors there are two ways to dine, either ‘Social Dining’

where you get 3-4 small sharing plates each, as you would at a tapas restaurant, or traditional dining with some bigger dishes. We decided to go with the social dining option as it seems to be the thing that is encouraged at

Victors, the tables wide and broad enough to fit lots of little plates on them. We had a cheesy flatbread to start which was delicious, followed by all of the little plates, which came out much sooner than we expected. We had (prepare yourself), the firecracker prawns, two lots of the popcorn chicken, lamb cutlets, popcorn chicken bao buns, teriyaki beef skewers, the lil’ burgers and the Victors' truffle fries on the side. It was a feast fit for a giant, but having not eaten for most of the day we managed to get though most of it. I would say that the prawns, the popcorn chicken and the fries were my favourites and it turned out that the prawns are a wonderful addition to the new menu, but everything was genuinely delicious.

If you thought that was all, there is also some amazing sounding desserts and an extremely extensive drinks menu, including both tradition and bespoke cocktails and mocktails, so Victors could even be the place to go for drinks. I certainly enjoyed my cocktail and would definitely return to Victors again, especially for a celebration of a special occasion, but I doubt that I could pass through without getting myself any of the amazing food on offer.

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