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Nights Out Ranking

Now many of you have been offered places, you might be starting to freak out that Oxford is going to be all work and no fun. TOG student ambassador Abi, is here to show you life beyond the the local night clubs!

In Oxford, all of the colleges have Entz Reps (Entertainment Reps) who organise getting club tickets for college members for each night out every week. There are also specific nights when people tend to go to one club or the other, for example, Park End Wednesdays, Bridge Thursdays…

This is just my personal ranking and to be honest, I don't go out that often - but when I do, I really enjoy it!

1. Park End / Attik My fave purely because I love cheesey 90s hits - and when you get bored of that, there's an R&B floor and a man in a giant duck costume pottering about. No one ever calls it Attik. I don't know why.

2. Emporium Usually only open once or twice a week, a Christ Church (my college!) favourite. They also tend to host the after-parties for any rowing events, and then it's absolutely packed.

3. Fever Tacky, but kind of reminds me of Pop World back home, which is cute. Often plays ABBA.

4. Plush Oxford's gay club, which is designed as a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community. They host Haute Mess, a brilliant night out.

5. Cellar The edgy indie night. Cellar is, quite literally, in a cellar. They also frequently host 80s nights and also club fundraiser nights for art shows or plays.

6. Bridge The iconic Oxford night out. However, sadly I have never once made it to Bridge (although sometimes I've got as far as the actual bridge it's on) - but maybe next term will be the one!

7. The Bully (The Bullingdon Club - but not the Bullingdon Club) Named the Bullingdon Club because it's on Bullingdon Road in Cowley, just outside of central Oxford, this is the place which hosts all of the techno and trance nights.

8. Purple Turtle I still don't understand what this place is.

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