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What to expect from an offers holders’ day

After I received my offer to study law at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, I was shortly invited to spend the day at the college for an offer holders’ brunch. Parents were also welcome to attend. The day consisted of a talk from the principal of my college congratulating those attending on their offers and giving a bit of background information about the college. We were then divided by subject into groups and we were taken on a tour of the college followed by a delicious brunch!

The offer holders’ day provided me with a great opportunity to meet some of the people who I’m currently on my course with, providing me with some friendly faces for when freshers’ week came. Also, having a tour of my college was really useful, especially since it was given by a student of my subject, so I could ask them questions about my course specifically as well as more general questions about college life. Even though I’d already visited Lady Margaret Hall to be interviewed, the experience on the offer holders’ day differed entirely because I could enjoy the day without the pressure of upcoming interviews. The day also gave my dad the opportunity to visit Oxford with me and learn about the place which I was so captivated by.

Some concerns I had about coming on an offer holders’ day was that I would fall even more in love with Oxford before I’d even secured my place by meeting my offer yet. But, even though I was hesitant about going, it was a very valuable experience and I would recommend any offer holder to set aside any doubts and go.

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