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8DOL A New Grocery Delivery Service in Oxford!

8DOL is a brilliant new grocery delivery service which has just hit Oxford!

Unlike other delivery services, 8DOL’s average delivery time is 28 minutes but they will often be quicker than that! Everything will be cycled over to you from their Oxford warehouse, offering over 500 products at competitive prices.

They are already live in Southampton and Bournemouth and Oxford is the next step on 8DOL’s journey. Given all the products are delivered on bikes, they are set to fit in perfectly with Oxford which let’s face it, is bursting with cyclists!

This is an eco-friendly way to get your groceries delivered straight to your door – or even the library! Yes, that’s right, with exam season on the horizon, you might find yourself in the RadCam suddenly craving a snack or your favourite drink…well simply login to the app and put your order in. Your rider will hand deliver that much needed revision boost (all products other than alcohol can be ordered without a home delivery address)

Available to order 12pm – 10pm every day (You can even get that order in at 21:59 and it will get to you!).

8DOL are also currently looking for part-time riders to deliver the goods. If you would be interested in earning a bit of money whilst keeping up your fitness, apply via:

Download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

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