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Oxford in the Sun

The heatwave is well and truly here with tomorrow reaching highs of 38 degrees in the UK! Not your typical British summer day...

If you’re going to be in the Dreaming Spires, here are my top tips on making the most of the glorious sunshine and staying cool:

  • If you’re doing the rounds of the colleges, head to Worcester; they have their own lake and with willow trees lining the water and deck chairs positioned under trees on the lawn you’ll have so many perfect spots to escape the searing sun!

  • Head to the beautiful Port Meadow where you can swim in the river, jumping off the wooden jetties to cool off!

  • Pop into the magical Perch Pub in Port Meadow for a refreshing bev!

  • As dusk falls and the heat is no longer unbearable, head back to the city and wander through the streets at golden hour - swing by Radcliffe Square, the Sheldonian and the Bridge of Sighs - I can promise in the evening sun they’ll look like a fantasy landscape.

  • For dinner, head to the Westgate rooftop where you can sit outside or in the air conditioned interiors with the doors open to enjoy the ambience of the sun setting on the hottest day of the year!

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