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Combatting weekend boredom and work stress at Oxford!

By Amy Barnes

Whilst weekdays at Oxford are action-packed and brimming with lectures, classes and societal events, weekends often seem comparatively dull. With deadlines forever on the horizon, it is often easy to forget the importance of unwinding and taking time out to enjoy what Oxford has to offer!

Botanical gardens

Fancy a stroll along the river, a laugh at struggling punters, and a bit of relief from the Oxford hustle and bustle? If yes, this inner-city sanctum is the place for you! Filled with beautiful flowers, trees and greenhouses, Oxford’s botanical garden is the perfect place to walk away the work stress!

Harcourt Arboretum

An easy 20-minute bus ride from St Aldates, Oxford’s Harcourt Arboretum is a great place to go if you need to nip out of the Oxford bubble for a few hours! Brimming with beautiful trees (keep an eye out for the impressive Californian redwoods), pigs and peacocks, the arboretum is perfect for stress-busting walk or picnic!

Blenheim Palace

Located just 30 minutes outside of Oxford is Churchill’s birthplace: Blenheim Palace. Steeped with history, and filled with beautiful walks, the grounds of Blenheim make for a day trip perfect for all ages and interests! Harry Potter fanatics, keep your eyes peeled – sat on the banks of the lake is a magnificent tree used in the filming of the film series!

The Ashmolean

For those interested in art and archaeology (or indeed, coffee and cake –for this, stop reading now and get yourself to the beautiful rooftop café before it shuts at 4.30 pm!), what better place is there to unwind than at the Ashmolean museum! Located just off St Giles, there’s no excuse not to head here after a quick trip into town!

Christ Church Meadows

For those missing the peace and quiet of the countryside, Christ Church meadows is the place for you! Home to cattle, the occasional deer and many bird species, a walk around here is sometimes the perfect escape! Enter at your peril, though, for the meadows is home to incredibly bold geese!!!


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