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Getting over those January Blues

By Lena Gorvin

I always find Hilary the worst of the three terms. Michaelmas is a fresh start, quite literally given the number of FRESHers, and then you have the excitement of Oxmas as the term nears its end. Hilary is different. The days are dark, it's cold. It's that in-between state, it's not fresh anymore but for most, there are also no exams. Summer feels an age away and Hilary hangs in this dreary state.

My advice is, let's not let it! For many subjects, it's a quieter term. You've got over the stress of being plunged in at the beginning of Michaelmas to the crazy workload, hopefully you're a little more organised now which leaves time for fun! Make Hilary Term the time to do those Oxford things that you have on your bucket list but never get around to actually doing:

1. Work in a different library around the city each day. This will do wonders for your motivation. Being able to study in places like these is the stuff people dream of, don't waste that opportunity!

2. Apply for a Codrington Library card - you have to ask a tutor but if it's a yes this is an unreal place to work.

3. Eat lunch at different locations/a different bench - mix it up from Radcliffe Square, to Uni Parks, to Christ Church Meadow.

4. Visit different colleges on your daily walk - wrap up warm and spend your walk amongst the magical quads.

5. Try out different coffee shops - make it your mission to find the best flat white in the city!

These are just a few to get you started...see Hilary is already looking more exciting!


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