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More Reasons to do a Bioscience DPhil At Oxford

Check out Part 1 here.

Oxford is a great place to study for a bioscience DPhil, as there are great opportunities here that you don’t get in other places. Here are a few more reasons to think about applying here!

1. Funding

There is ample opportunity to gain funding for your studies: through colleges, departments, translational research funds, external funders, charities, scholarships, prizes, or governmental grants. There are scholarships for women in STEM, e.g. Athena SWAN.

2. Translational Research

At Oxford, we are encouraged to think about the translational and clinical benefits of our work. Indeed, there is even a department to help you with this: the Translational Research Office. They support researchers to translate findings from biological research into practical human health benefits. In short, your work could contribute to improving human health.

3. Facilities

You dream it, Oxford has it. Due to the collaborative nature of the University, you can go to a unit specialising in the technique or equipment you need and learn straight from the specialists. We’re talking genome engineering, mass cytometry, single cell studies, sequencing, imaging and more.

4. Extra-Curricular

A benefit to the College system is there is loads of opportunity to get involved in extra-curriculars! Join the college rowing team or help to run the college bar.

5. CV

The University of Oxford is ranked as the top university in the world for 5 years running by Times Higher Education. This University facilitated the life-saving Oxford vaccine and has just begun a clinical trial for a new HIV vaccine. You will be researching with the top academics; 54 Nobel Prize Winners did their research at Oxford. As such, it stands out on your CV!

Good luck!


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