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Why Study a Bioscience DPhil At Oxford?

Part 1

Oxford is a great place to study for a bioscience DPhil, as there are great opportunities here that you don’t get in other places. Here are a few reasons to think about applying here!

1. Career’s service

Oxford has an amazing career’s service. You can sign up to opportunity alerts, where people advertise part time roles and internships to Oxford students. Because of this, it is super easy to find out about career opportunities and get work experience! Find yourself in a funded policy internship, in a part-time role as an academic liaison for a biotech company or as a science communicator for a magazine/journal!

2. Oxford University Innovation

The University has a built-in Intellectual Property & Commercialisation hub, Oxford University Innovation Ltd, that is set up to help you in licensing, patents, intellectual property, set up spin-off companies and more. This comes in to play if during your DPhil you find something so exciting that you want to set up a biotech company around it, or patent a new invention (e.g. the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine). This is an incredible resource that will provide mentorship, lend office space, and provide access to business networks to help with start-up companies. Perhaps this is why in 2020, 19 new spin-offs were founded, bringing the total to 204 since 1959, with 4793 patents under current management. More information can be found at

3. Science Park/Biotechnology

Due to all this innovation and commercialisation, there are many, many small biotechnology companies in and around Oxford, providing job opportunities and exposure to industry. Study at a university with real-life applications of the work all around you.

4. Choice

There are many different bioscience departments at the University, meaning there is lots of choice in department and lab group. There is something for everyone!

More coming in Liz’s next post!


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