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OXMAS- Tis’ the Season Already?

By Mia Gray

Seventh week has arrived and everyone is feeling tired from a cram-packed term so the unique tradition of celebrating ‘Oxmas’ a month before the big day can feel bizarre. Take a break from the library though and make sure to celebrate Christmas this week and next in true Oxford style…

With Oxford terms being so short (just 8 weeks long), Christmas begins in early November as ‘Oxmas’. It can seem strange to accept the fact that a college Christmas tree is up already, the cheese floors of the nightclubs are playing ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and Hall is serving an obscene amount of brussel sprouts but all of this is the perfect way to survive deadlines and enjoy the end of term to the full.

The city is illuminated with lights and the Christmas market currently adorns Broad Street until December 19th. Make sure to find time to visit the stalls, filling your breaks between tutorials with the smell of warm fudge, the taste of mulled wine and the sight of overpriced ornaments…

Keep an eye out for Oxmas events to sign up to, particularly in 8th week, like carol services with mince pies, the Santa Dash 5ks, outdoor screenings of the ‘marmite love it or hate it’ film Elf and of course all of the roast dinners. Most colleges hold an Oxmas hall and in older colleges it can feel like Hogwarts with the candelabras, mistletoe and choirs providing a perfect festive backdrop. Even if you’re college doesn’t offer one or you don’t fancy their soggy Oxmas pudding, you might be able to visit another, with lots of colleges allowing students to bring guests to their formals now that Covid restrictions have lifted. Or if you trust yourself not to give everyone food poisoning, get your flat together to cook your own Oxmas dinner. Charcoaled roast potatoes are better than your current instant soup and pasta.

Finally, get your reindeer antlers, glitter and sequin dresses ready for all of the JCR fancy dress parties. Swap your Covid mask momentarily for a Venetian mask to wear at the masquerade balls. Put your name down for as many Oxmas activities as possible and spend the remainders of your student loans.

Even if you’re not currently at Oxford, I hope this insight into the best season of the year full of Oxonian tradition gives you something to look forward to as an offer holder or potential applicant!

Merry Oxmas!

Mia xx


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