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The Oxford History Review

By Molly Archer-Zeff

I started Oxford History Review with my two friends, Oliver and James, in Hilary term and it has been really exciting to watch it grow and surpass the expectations we initially had for it! OHR is a history magazine for both current and future Oxford undergraduates that explores important topics, reviews modules, and creates discussion. We started OHR with the intention of providing a platform for students to share their thoughts and opinions with their peers outside of their university essays and tutorials. We felt that the vast array of modules and subjects meant that undergraduates needed a platform to create a community for sharing historical thoughts and maintaining connections. However, the magazine is not only for those studying history, we welcome anyone who is interested in the past and how it is studied.

Our first issue included contributions from a variety of students writing on a range of fascinating topics including the history of art, women in the anti-psychiatry movement, and the Catholic church and the Holocaust. We aim to include a diverse range of history and to examine and analyse how the past is studied. Since our first issue, we have worked with the History Faculty to create a special edition about studying history at Oxford for prospective students, which was shared at the Open Days. We have also launched our website, our Instagram, and expanded our team so that we now have 9 amazing editors.

OHR is also a great resource for anyone interested in studying history at university as it provides an insight into the themes we look at and the different discussions we have. Reading the articles is also a great way to prepare for university as you will explore topics that you don’t have the opportunity to read about at school.

We’re currently working on our next issue and looking for writers who would like to contribute to OHR. Like our first magazine, it will be published termly in an online format, however, between issues we will also be using our social media platforms and website to post articles. One of the best parts of being a university student is having opportunities to act on ideas, such as we were able to with Oxford History Review.

When we started the magazine, we weren’t sure how enthusiastic the reaction would be to it. It was a bit nerve-wracking when we finally put the first issue online as weeks of hard work had been put into it and we weren’t sure if it would even be read!

We’re super excited about what Oxford History Review has achieved so far and can’t wait to expand it further. You can find copies of our previous magazines on our website and can find out about upcoming opportunities via our social media pages!

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