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Top Tips for Oxford interviews

By Eve Tranter

Preparing for oxford interviews can be daunting, but here are 3 top tips to help you along the way! These are applicable to any subject for undergraduate applications.

  1. Read, read, read!

Current news, research articles, Open University courses … find a topic that excites you within your subject and read all about it!

2. Talk to your friends and family!

Get used to explaining your ideas and opinions out loud to your friends and family. Get them to question you about WHY you have formed an opinion, or to explain HOW xyz theory came about…

The more you get used to articulating your thoughts out loud, the better.

3. Diagrams, graphs and pictures!

Find diagrams, graphs, flow charts and pictures related to your subject and talk through them out loud. What does the x and y axis show? What are the units? How does the picture relate to your subject? Why does it explain the point you are trying to make? Are there any flaws in its logic?

The biggest piece of advice is to just get used to articulating your reasoning out loud. Say what’s on your mind and explain your points with evidence. You’ve got this!!! Good luck :)


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