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University Mental Health Day

By Simran Atwol

The global pandemic has added so many new stresses and pressures and had affected so many people’s mental health.

So first up, if you are feeling down, tear, upset, angry, frustrated you are not alone.

However, the nature of everyone’s lives at the moment mean it can feel like everyone has so much to deal with and that you can’t add that that stress. My advice would be don’t hold it in - I’ve found when I’ve opened up my friends have done the same and we’ve all been relieved that our feelings are out in the open.

Oxford can be stressful in normal times but having to navigate a term in lockdown provides no time for that release you get from popping to the pub, chilling in the JCR or going wild at a Bop!

Try to find other ways to unwind - a walk, yoga, meditation, journaling, reading books for fun, trashy TV - they may not be as exciting as your buzzing social life at uni but they will all help you to gain perspective and take a step back which is so important for your mental health.

And really importantly, remind yourself how well you’re doing, how much you’ve already achieved! You’ve managed this for the last year and next term is looking brighter. You have got this!’


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