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Victors - Team TOG

By Tilly Rose

Situated on the rooftop of Westgate, Oxford, Victors has always been a favourite of Team TOG, ever since we spent the evening sipping on cocktails and indulging in canapés at their amazing launch party.

Fast forward a few years and Victors has become a a must-visit in the city; its views of the dreaming spires, chic furniture and wisteria-clad walls make it the most instagrammable spot in town, plus the selection of super tasty dishes, ideal for sharing, mean dining here is a truly sociable experience.

So, you can imagine how excited everyone was, when I announced that Victors would be hosting this term's student ambassador meeting!

And wow what a meeting it was! With a 600+ sign-up at Freshers' Fair and 50 new students ambassadors joining the team, the meeting was absolutely buzzing.

My lovely existing ambassadors welcomed the new members and shared their experience of TOG so far.

Victors put on a delicious selection of teas, coffees and pastries and Rituals Cosmetics had the most gorgeous goodie bags laid out - their products made from natural ingredients, with a focus on mindfulness, made the perfect collab with my busy student team (check out their new store in Westgate, Oxford).

After a brief intro from me on what the TOG student ambassador scheme involved, I asked everyone to discuss in groups their preconceptions about Oxford Uni before they arrived, how they would sum it up in one word and what they love most about it.

So, what do we love? Answers included:

* Quality teaching

* Libraries

* The scenery

* Studying a subject I love

* My college

* The beautiful city

& the one which came up again and again...the people!

It was amazing to get to know the TOG team in such a stunning setting!

Highly recommend checking out Victors - plus they offer 30% off with a student card on food Sunday - Thursday - the dream!


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