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Independent Learning

Oxford University has officially been ranked the top university in the WORLD by the Times Higher Education Rankings.

So, are they really going to be interested in prospective students reeling off answers pre-prepared for them by their teachers?

They don’t care what Mrs Smith at school thinks about Global Warming or Christina Rossetti or Henry VIII, they want to know what YOU think.

Going outside of the school curriculum is a must.

You need the wow factor to stand out. So, find the areas of your subject which excite you and build upon them.

Top Tips

1. Take what you’ve been taught at school.

2. Identify the areas of your subject which excite you.

3. Develop your knowledge in these areas. E.g If in history lessons you were fascinated by Queen Victoria’s marriage to Albert and her subsequent mourning, you could then read about the Victorian attitude towards death, look at pictures of their intricate gravestones, read poetry relating to the afterlife.

4. Remember: ‘WHY? JUSTIFY’ Why were the Victorians obsessed with death? Why did death become an art form? Why did Albert’s death have such a profound effect on the nation?

5. Always write down your opinions and your evidence. However clever you are you won’t remember everything.

6. Keep going over your existing notes and building on your knowledge in the run up to interview

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