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Porters' Lodge

Have you even been to Oxford and entered the college through the Porters' Lodge?

Well, it would be easy to think that the title 'Porter' is simply a fancy name for a receptionist or gatekeeper but let me tell you they are so much more than that.

The porters are kept busy, with more than just answering phones and greeting visitors. They are pretty much the hub of the college. They see you arrive on your first day with your parents in tow, as nervous little Freshers but then, as the years go by, watch you bloom into fully-fledged Oxford students.

The porters are there to make your life that little bit easier along the way.

You've lost your bod card! Your post hasn't arrived! You desperately need to know where Staircase 17 is and you are about to miss your tutorial!

All of these minor emergencies will be swiftly solved by your very own college porter. There are usually a few porters at each college, carrying out different shifts. They work all through the night, meaning they see you at your best and your worst (namely after a night-out partying where you return to college holding the chips you've purchased at 3am from the local kebab van).

They often know all the students by name and a lot more than that too but with the utmost professionalism, they never let on and there's no doubt about it Oxford colleges would not be the same without them.

Top Tips

  • If you're visiting Oxford and are in interested in information about the colleges, the Porters often have a wealth of information about all aspects of university life.


Porters- The college gatekeepers who greet visitors and look out for the students within their college.

Porters' Lodge - The reception at the entrance to each of the college where the Porters are situated.

Bod card - All Oxford students have a library card which grants them access to the libraries across the University.

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