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Bedrooms, bathrooms, gardens, dining halls,doctors, nurse, chapel, common room, tuck shop, laundry facilities, pidges, porters, libraries, computer rooms... the colleges have everything you could ever need!

These self-contained hubs will become your home throughout your time in Oxford and you will no doubt feel a strong affinity towards them. Everyone thinks their college is the best!

Now this is all great but what about my room I hear you say.

Well, honestly, the rooms vary and when I say vary I mean extremes.

You could be living like a queen with a double bed and your own bathroom overlooking the quad and imagining you're in Brideshead Revisited. Equally though you could end up in a box room overlooking a brick wall. And this my friend is pure luck.

Now the positive is that everyone pays the same, regardless of the room. So there is no hierarchy based on money. The downside, I guess, is that you could be sitting in your little box, watching your friend live like royalty for the same price!

Top Tips

  • College accommodation varies; I remember looking around one college where the rooms were quite run-down and ,another, where they had just been revamped.

  • In the latter years, rooms are allocated in either a random ballot or sometimes based on exam results.

  • There is a residency rule in Oxford; students must be resident for at least 6 weeks of each term.

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