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Don't be Intimidated

In the run-up to applying to Oxford, you're going to come across other potential applicants, be it at school, open days or talks and they may well seem truly terrifying. It's easy to think everyone around you knows everything and you know absolutely nothing but the truth is, if you've got the grades, you stand as much chance as anyone else!

Although it's easy for me to say now, try not to be too intimidated.

I went to an English open morning at St Anne's when I was applying. The tutor asked us to analyse a poem and vocalise our thoughts to the group. I was almost too embarrassed to say anything, for fear that I would get it wrong but it soon became clear that if I really wanted to get to Oxford, I was going to have to stop caring what everyone else thought and focus on me.

Although Oxford don't want applicants who are so confident they're bordering on arrogant, a little bit of self-belief can go along way!

Top Tips

  • Try not to get too caught up in what other people say, in reality, they're all in the same boat as you; nervous and entering the unknown.

  • Ask questions - it always seems so scary putting your hand up at open days, lectures and talks but this is your opportunity to get answers, don't miss out!

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