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Cornmarket Street

Cornmarket is the bustling hub of Oxford city, lined with shops and cafes. It contrasts with the quainter Turl Street which runs parallel, as today Cornmarket has been taken over by chains such as WH Smith, Boots, Pret A Manger and Burger King.

Though maybe not as pretty as some of the quieter Oxford streets, Cornmarket definitely has its uses. For students it's the place to grab a snack at lunch time, pick up necessities like toiletries and stationary and shop for new clothes.

Of a weekend it's heaving with tourists and visitors who are not only there to shop but also to take in the novelty acts lining the street. From people on stilts, to human statues and bubble machines,Cornmarket has it all. And at the top, next to Ship Street, there's the famous busking spot...lovely for visitors...not so lovely when you're trying to sit an exam in the Jesus College rooms above Pret!

Top Tips

  • Cornmarket is the place to go when you're in need of a quick bite to eat or a mooch around high-street style shops.

  • If it's independent shops you're after, the little side streets of Oxford have more to offer.

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