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International Applicants

I have had so many questions from prospective international applicants so thought I’d try to answer some of them here!

Can international students apply to Oxford?

Of course they can apply, my undergraduate year group included students from India, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Europe. The post-graduate courses at Oxford are bursting with international students from every corner of the world.

Is it really expensive to study abroad?

The fees are more expensive for international students but if you can get your hands on one of Oxford’s many scholarships you are onto a winner.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships and bursaries can be found through this link:

There are a range of scholarships/bursaries for a variety of different purposes, so do your research and find which ones you are eligible to apply for.

Do I have to travel to Oxford for interview?

Although Oxford recommend that you travel to the UK for interview, in some instances Skype or telephone interviews can be arranged.

Will I feel isolated?

Oxford has societies for just about everything, so the likelihood is that when you arrive there will probably already be a society full of students from your part of the world, for instance The American Society of Oxford or Oxford India Society. This is a great way to settle into Oxford, with the familiarity of students from home. If you find that there isn’t a society relating to your country of origin then the great thing about Oxford is that you can create your very own!

Will I fit in?

Moving away from home is scary at any age but even scarier when you’re moving to a different country. Oxford holds international freshers events enabling you to meet other students in the same position. The college system means you’re in contact with a community of students on a daily basis; you will, no doubt, find your people.

What sort of food is served in hall?

Stir fry, curry, vegetarian, fish and chips, risotto, roast dinners – you name it, they’ve got it.

Do I have to fly home in the holidays?

You can go home in the holidays or pay to keep your room over the vacation. Thankfully this doesn’t mean packing up all of your worldly belongings as the colleges provide storage space for international students.

What if I get homesick?

Getting homesick is of course perfectly natural but if it all gets too much, every college has a well-trained and easily accessible welfare team available for you to talk to. Realistically, your terms will be so action packed that you’ll hardly have time to stop and think about home.

Top Tips

  • Do your research; check that you really think that Oxford is for you before committing to moving to a new country.

  • Look into the bursaries and scholarships to see whether you are eligible.

  • Attend the International Freshers Events and the various societies aimed at international students.

  • Remember that though you are moving to an entirely different country, all of the other freshers are also moving away from home for the first time, they’re all nervous too!


Scholarship – a payment or grant provided to support a student’s education, usually awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement.

Bursary – EU students may benefit from a monetary grant to enable them to study at University.

Welfare team – a group of professionals trained to offer support.

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