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My First Visit to Oxford University

On a cold, drizzly day in the Easter holidays my mum took me for a day out shopping in Oxford. We had a lovely lunch at Browns and afterwards the sun came out, so we decided to wander around the city. It was at this point that we stumbled across a sign outside Balliol College, inviting the public to look around for a small fee. I was only ten years old but as I walked into the quad in Balliol I was amazed by what I saw. It was at this very moment that I decided I was going to Oxford University. Little did I know at this young age how competitive it was to get in but my ten year old belief stayed with me throughout the whole application process, along with a lot of hard work!

Top Tips

  • If ever you find yourself in Oxford or you are able to get there, visiting the colleges is a must! You will see current students and tutors wandering around and be able to visit the quads, the chapels and the dining halls.

  • Entry fees vary amongst colleges, many are free and others charge around £2. Follow the link below for more information on the Oxford University website:


  • Prospective students are allowed to look around all colleges for free, so make sure you tell the porter at the porter’s lodge that you are hoping to apply and they should be more than happy to let you in.


Browns –A well-known restaurant in the centre of Oxford.

Balliol- One of Oxford’s oldest colleges, founded in 1263, situated in the city centre on Broad Street.

Quad- A college courtyard surrounded by rooms.

Porter’s Lodge – All colleges have an entrance reception. This is the first point of call for anyone entering the college. The porter’s both welcome visitors and provide security. Most of all though, they are an integral part of college life, often knowing all of the students by name.

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