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Saying goodbye to one stage of your life and moving onto the next can feel daunting. Change is always a little scary but also oh so exciting!

If you've finished school this summer and you're heading to Oxford this October, you're not only starting uni, you're starting at one of the best unis in the world! Scary? Yes! Intimidating? Yes! Exciting? Yes!

Let me tell you though, Oxford have chosen you for a reason. Remember that gruelling application process you went through last year, well it wasn't all for nothing; it was to prove that you're Oxford material.

So, whilst I can't get rid of your nerves (because I had them too!), try to focus on the are about to embark on a truly unique experience which will, no doubt, stay with you for life!

Top Tips

* Saying goodbye to school and your friends and family can be difficult but Oxford terms are so short and action-packed, my first term flew by!

* Remember you were chosen for a reason!

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