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Uni Ski Trips

Uni is all about trying out new things and, for many at Oxford, that includes skiing!

Every year, whatever your ability, everyone is invited to book onto the Varsity Ski Trip. For the pros amongst the student body, there's the opportunity to compete against Cambridge but for those who are just going for a bit of fun, you can guarantee that fun will be had!

On top of this, many colleges also host their own ski trips, solely for college members, at the end of Michalemas term. These are a great opportunity to bond with all different year groups and make new friends; with skiing in the day and activities each evening, it's certainly a full-on way to finish your first term!

The coach picks students up from Oxford and drives them over to the Alps where they spend a week skiing, socialising and sleeping in dorms.

There is, of course, the cost; skiing is an expensive sport but the good thing is that there are so many funds at Oxford to help students take part in such activities. At Jesus we had the Dodd Fund which is a travel fund for non-academic activity. Did you catch that...? Oxford gave us money to go and have fun! Loads of students spent this on the ski trip!

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